1990 Songs

1990 England World Cup Songs

Italia'90 was a quite a quiet year for World Cup related songs but it did produced one of the best remembered football related tunes with the popular Manchester group New Order supplying the official song along with members of the England squad.

New Order - World in Motion

New Order and Keith Allen (who went on to pen the song Vindaloo for the 1998 World cup) along with several members of the England World Cup team performed this song as the official song for Italia'90 which features the legendary rapping skills of John Barnes.

The song quickly became a fan favourite and went to number 1 in the UK singles chart and has been credited as being the best football song of all time.


5/5 The coolest football related song ever!

Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma

Although not a song for the England Squad but the version of Nessun Dorma sung by Luciano Pavarotti was the title music used for the BBC coverage of the World Cup. It was released as a single and reached number 2 in the charts.


4/5 - A moving peice that brought Opera to the masses and a whole generation of fans for Luciano Pavarotti