England World Cup Kits

England have worn a variety of kits and shirt styles down the years in the different World Cups. The most famous being the red shirts, white shorts and red socks as worn in the 1966 World Cup win against Germany.

Here we take a look at the shirts that England have worn in past World Cups.


Umbro manufactured all white shirt sporting the famous cross of St George on the right hand shoulder for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. A smart looking kit but brought very little luck when needed in the penalty shoot out against Portugal in the Quarter Finals.


A nice looking shirt bearing a red stripe down the left hand side. Manufactured by Umbro and one of the best selling England shirts of all time. However it failed to bring any luck to the team which eventually went out in the Quarter Finals to Brazil in Japan and Korea for the 2002 World Cup.


Not the best looking England shirt of all time and one that screams late 1990s in its design. The famous three lions badge was located in the centre of the shirt and had blue and red trim. Most famed for being too big for Michael Owen when scoring that wonder goal against Argentina in the last 16 of France '98.


A classic looking shirt that is now infamous for being the one worn in the 1990 Semi Final penalty shootout defeat at the hands of Germany. Still the most famous shirt since 1966 and one which conjures images of Gazza crying!


The first of Umbro's kits for England and it was a very simple and smart looking shirt. Worn by the players in Mexico, including Gary Lineker en route to his Golden Boot win of that World Cup. Worn in the game of the 'hand of God' incident this kit had the shortest shorts ever!


A classic Admiral design that screams early 80s but has since been something of an iconic shirt, it has been re-released on several occasions since 'retro-chic' has become all the rage.


The most famous shirt of all, the red shirt worn by the World Cup winning team in 1966. An all red shirt with the famous three lions crest emblazoned on the right hand side of the chest. Accompanied by white shorts and red socks this kit is simple but stylish and the current England shirt is the nearest we have had since in its classic look.