Mbombela Stadium

This brand new stadium in Nelspruit is one of the ten stadiums that will be used for the 2010 World Cup. Upon completion it will have a seated capacity of 44,000 and is expected to have cost £890 million Rand (around £70 million).

The arena will feature a translucent roof that covers around 94% of the seats; it will weigh 1,450 tonnes and covers an area of 22,500 square metres. The roof is 35 metres above the pitch and its translucent roof will allow sunlight to get to the pitch and to gain maximum sunlight.

England are not set to play any games at this stadium and although it was built at great cost it is only set to have 4 games during the Group stages played here. However after the World Cup it will be also used for other sports such as rugby, cricket and athletics.


Date Time Teams Round
16th June 2010 12:30 Honduras v Chile Group H
20th June 2010 15:00 Italy v New Zealand Group F
23rd June 2010 19:30 Australia v Serbia Group D
25th June 2010 15:00 Korean DPR v Cote d'Ivoire Group G

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