World Cup Songs

England World Cup Songs

There is a great history of World Cup songs, they first came on the scene in 1966 and have appeared at almost every World Cup since then. Some of have been mediocre, others have become classics and others have been down right awful.

As well as the official tie ins there have been several unofficial ones that often end up being better than the official one. The 2006 World Cup saw a staggering 34 releases including the official one, this figure will be more than doubled with the increase of You Tube and the ease of putting your work on iTunes.

2010 England World Cup Songs

No official World Cup songs means literally 100's of fans have made their own. There are rumours of a Peter Kay song or a re-release of the 3 Lions anthem.

2006 England World Cup Songs

The official song for the England side was released by Embrace but there were also releases from the likes of 60's legend Tony Christie.

2002 England World Cup Songs

In an expert move the housewife's favourites Ant and Dec were called upon to serve their country for the World Cup anthem.

1998 England World Cup Songs

One of the busiest years ever in the charts for World Cup related songs, the Echo and the Bunnyman singer teams up with the Spice Girls and Ocean Colour Scene for the official effort.

1994 England World Cup Songs

Before you write in to complain, I know that we did not qualify for the World Cup in the USA but an English artist did perform at the closing ceremony.

1990 England World Cup Songs

In what has been regarded as one of the best football related songs ever, even the dodgy rapping from Mr John Barnes.

1986 England World Cup Songs

The England side show that they have not learnt anything following the vocals of their 1982 effort.

1982 England World Cup Songs

The England Squad prove why they are better on the pitch than the recording studio.