2006 Songs

2006 England World Cup Songs

The 2006 World Cup was a record year for songs that were released to coincide with the 2006 German World Cup. There were over 34 records released, with only 8 of them managing to make a dent in the top 40 singles chart.

Embrace - World At Your Feet

The Indie rock group Embrace provided the soundtrack for the 2006 World Cup with their song World At Your Feet. It reached a respectable number 3 in the UK singles chart.


3/5 - Middle of the road indie rock.

Sham 69 - Hurry Up England

The classic 70's punk band put out their own call to arms for the England squad.  The video features the iconic figures of Keith Chegwin and Sir Brian Blessed.


4/5 - The punks have done good, it is foot tapping stuff.

Branded - T*ts Out For The Lads

In what could be seen as a great song for Girls Aloud to cover or a song that knocks Girl Power back 20 years, watch and decide!


0/5 - Words cannot express how bad this song is.

Tony Christie - (Is This The Way To) The World Cup

In no way at all cashing in on his revival (thanks to Peter Kay miming to his song for Comic Relief) the 60's singer shamelessly reworks his song!


2/5 - On the bandwagon from his recent Peter Kay success.

Joe Fagin - That's England Alright

Another reworking of a classic this time is the theme tune to the legendary TV Show Auf Wiedersehen Pet, a nice touch for Germany 2006.


3/5 - A good reworking of the classic theme tune.

Talksport - We're England

The popular national talk radio station Talk Sport even got in on the World Cup act, getting thier presenters which include Rodney Marsh to release a song.



1/5 - Radio presenters singing, some old footballers, need we say more?