Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole burst on the scene when she auditioned on Popstars The Rivals and was chosen to be a member of the group "Girls Aloud", in this group she has achieved many top 10 singles and albums.

In 2006 she entered the world of 'Wagdom' when she married the Chelsea and England left back Ashley Cole in a lavish ceremony in Barnet that was reported to have cost over £2 million, the majority of the tab was luckily picked up by OK! magazine who paid the sum of £1 million so they could exclusively publish the wedding photos..

After former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole is the most famous WAG and many would argue she is now the most famous of them all. To her credit she has not hit the headlines just because of her husband, in fact quite the opposite with her own career progressing from strength to strength and she is now better known than her soon to be ex husband..

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Cheryl Cole Montage

Cheryl Cole X Factor Montage

She was propelled even further into stardom when in 2008 Cheryl replaced Sharon Osbourne as one of the judges on the X Factor.