2002 Songs

2002 England World Cup Songs

The first England World Cup of the new millennium saw a flurry of groups wanting chart fame with England related songs to tie in with the hype surrounding Japan/South Korea World Cup 2002.

Ant and Dec - We're On The Ball

TV presenters Ant and Dec who normally host shows like Britain’s Got Talent and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here were called out of singing retirement to be the England’s official World cup song for Japan/South Korea and did so with honour and tongue firmly in cheek. This song managed to get to number 3 in the charts.


4/5 - A very cheesy but effective song that got pubs back in England rocking throughout the tournament.

Bell & Spurling - Goldenballs (Mr Beckham To You)

This was the duos second football related song as it followed their number 7 effort "Sven, Sven, Sven" released in 2001 after England's 5-1 defeat of Germany, this time they managed to get to number 25 in the singles chart.


2/5 - A very pedestrian effort that made very little impact with the fans.

DJ Otzi - Hey Baby ((We Want To See England Score A Goal)

An odd release from Austrian musician DJ Otzi (Gerhard Friedle) he released it originally in 2000 where it made number 1 but he reworked the lyrics for 2002 where it reached number 10 and was something of an anthem amongst fans of several countries at the World Cup this year.


3/5 - It is no World in Motion but it is quite a catchy song (although annoying too).